Sustainable Procurement

Sustainable Procurement

To suppliers we have recently introduced a sustainable procurement policy which will assist in improving our sustainability objective by ensuring that goods and services are environmentally appropriate and ethically produced, whilst cost competitive. A mechanism will be introduced to underpin our commitments to a lower carbon footprint through zero waste, low road miles (local purchasing), low carbon and fair trade. The company has adopted a policy demonstrating compliance with the Bribery Act 2010.

Over 95% of raw hides are purchased within the British Isles, direct from abattoirs for quality assurance, traceability and animal welfare assurance. Local sourcing supports British farming and beef industries, retaining the revenue within our local economy. It mitigates climate change and reduces ‘hide miles’. We can trace the chain of hide custody from raw hide to finished product.

Scottish Leather Group has an animal welfare policy. Accordingly, group companies only purchase raw hides from suppliers who adopt the Five Freedoms set of principles, drawn up by the Farm Animal Welfare Council, to encourage farmers to maintain practices that provide lifestyles which take into account the animals’ needs and natural behaviours.

Scottish Leather Group has a green purchasing policy. The environmental integrity of our supply chains is being developed to strengthen our sustainability credentials and generate further reductions in our carbon footprint. Local sourcing has been adopted where appropriate and sustainability requirements are being considered as additions to our criteria for supplier selection.

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