A Sustainable future with low carbon Leather

Sustainable Future

The Group is making good progress towards its goal of sustainable manufacturing in its efforts to achieve zero waste and energy self-sufficiency.

We are motivated by the increasing cost of energy and carbon taxes, legislative requirements and the benefits of having an improved brand image as a result of achieving lower carbon emissions. Sustainability has been incorporated into our business strategy and decision making.

So far the carbon footprint of each hide delivered to our customers has been reduced by more than 40% and is currently the lowest published footprint of any leather produced globally. The Group is generating more power than it consumes from both syngas and oil produced from its own waste. As a consequence, waste to landfill has reduced by 60%. There has been a positive impact on the local community through reduced traffic, saving 100,000 miles in truck journeys annually and through increased local employment as a result of increasing the market share of the industries we supply due to our lower carbon footprint.

We are working with industry to establish a leather sector Life Cycle Analysis to enable all aspects of the leather supply chain to recognise their impacts and measure the true carbon footprint of leather manufacture.

There is pressure on the manufacturing industry to improve its processes and other activities from an environmental and cost perspective. Therefore we must continue to look at new technologies and systems. However whilst such improvements must be financially feasible, they must also promote an even greener image, be compliant with increasingly tough legislation and meet the expectations of the local community.

Sustainability is not just about reducing the impact of our operations and being ‘green’; it is also a tool to drive innovation and improve business thus sustaining local employment for future generations and maintaining our proud heritage.

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